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  1. Nice page, Denny!! B¦
    Hard to believe that this year it will be 40 years since
    I first became a fan of your playing* !!
    ( * It was a few seconds after I heard FZ utter that timeless phrase:
    “Look what she did to Denny, right now!” in Advance Romance from
    the Bongo Fury album)

    • Thanks for that Steve. I can’t believe that it’s been that long ago but the music is as fresh now as it was then!
      I hope to be doing a few dates before the end of the year and will post as they are finalized
      BTW: Do you live in the states?

  2. Hello Denny.
    Greetings from Mancunia.
    We missed you in England last week.
    The Muffin Men were firing.
    Good luck in all your future projects.
    We hope to see you soon.
    Luv, Dave and Nicola. xxx

  3. Good looking site, Denny. Does the Chapter Fifteen heading, on the tour schedule, under Memorabilia suggest that the long awaited book is that wee bit closer?

  4. Like the new site, glad to know there’s one place to go for all the info on gigs.
    It’s been a privelage and education to see you play with the Magic Band (about 6 or 7 times) – as a multi-instrumentalist who primarily deals with composition, it’s sometimes disheartening to see some of my friends at uni who have a clear identity in terms of what instrument they play (I play four instruments, but I’m a Jack of all trades, master of none), but you’re among the few players that give me focus in terms of what I want to achieve, at least on the guitar (some of your solos have been indispensable in learning to play slide!).
    Hope you keep performing for a long while!

  5. Hi Sam! Thanks for visiting my web site & the kind words. Actually I never intended to play professionally. All I wanted to do was to play along with my Blues records.
    The absolute thrill that I got whenever I would learn to play the smallest little part was pure heaven! It still feels like that!

  6. What a great site! You needed one fer sure! I have seen you back in the olden days with Beefheart at the Amsterdam concertgebouw november 2 1975, and with FZ in 1979. And in 2008 you signed my daughters guitar in Hilversum! Good luck and MUSIC IS THE BEST!

    • Thanks Paul! I feel that I’m the luckiest gut in the world to have had the honor of not only playing with both Frank & Don, but to have had them as lifelong friends. One of the greatest perks
      is having the chance to meet so many fantastic fans from all over the world. We are all connected by our love of the music. Pretty cool club!

    • I’m happy to be returning. Can’t wait to see & play with all my friends. Come up and say Hi!!

  7. Hi Denny
    Happy Easter to you and yours.

    Glad to see you got this site. Hope we see and hear more of you in the UK. Keep up the fine work.


    • Nice to hear from you John. I’m working on new material and speaking with some clubs both here in the US as well as in the UK. I hope to have some news about dates in the next few weeks.

  8. great web site denny, hope your are well and looking forward to seeing you soon in the uk sometime….. best wishes…

  9. I’ve very much appreciated seeing and hearing you with the Magic Band on several occasions since 2005 and wish you well for the future. Look forward to seeing you in the UK before too long…

  10. Denny,
    It was a honour and a real pleasure to meet you. The gig at The Cavern Liverpool was awesome. (So glad you got to learn some Scouse (it’s a belter).
    Until next time which I do hope is soon..
    The best of health to you and yours and thanks once again for a wonderful night.


    • Hi John, Sorry for taking so long to respond to you. I had changed my password and lost it …. again !
      The good news is that I found it! The gig at the Cavern was a pleasure to play. I love everything about Liverpool, especially the people. The pleasure was all mine andI hope you can make it to one of the gigs that I’ll be playing with the Muffin men in April of 2017. Thanks for your kind words.


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